14 May 2007

Zeum: an arts & tech museum for kids and families

Yeah, this is my picture effected by Photoshop Elements =) hehe~
I went to Zeum in San Francisco. I think Zeum is related with a word museum :)
I know this site is mostly for kids, But that means it's for me =p
You know what? After trying 'super duper music looper' by Sony, I even bought a CD in a store to create music. It's so cool~* The interface of the software is also great considering Human and Computer Interaction concepts. =p
The only thing is that CD case says that it's for ages 6-9.
Six to NINE? Are you kidding? Isn't it supposed to be 4 - 69?
Well, I guess they wanted to told that it's is so easy to use this software like using something for only kids.
I told my friend this software is for my younger brothers. But, who know? ;)

If you feel like music, take a look this site and play for fun!!
super duper music looper

There are some sample Loops for tasting. Uhm~~ =p
Remember, there aren't everything. I got more loopers on my CD =)

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