22 March 2006

Image Processing with SetPixel( )

[Computer Graphics]

0. reset the image which is opened.

1. Brighten individually the RGB channels of an image.

2. Change the contrast of an image.

Luminance = 0.30*r + 0.59*g + 0.11*b

3. Blur an image.

4. Detect edges in an image

1) Prewitt

2) Sobel

3) Frei_chen

4) Laplacian1

5) Laplacian2

6) Laplacian3

5. Warp an image by scaling.

My program can handle a real-valued input. Scaling is done with Reverse mapping. Input the scale value for width and height as the same, like (2,2).

6. Warp an image by swirl.

Reverse mapping and resampling processes is done.

* All results are individually saved as bitmap files as done by an effect.