4 June 2006

The AI Nutritionist

[ Introduction to Artificial Intelligence]

  • One of possible Scenarios

*[NHB]* for ..*you*.. : Welcome! This is [NHB] for your healthy breakfast!! Please Tell me your full name first.

Hi. I want to order my meal.

Hi. Sorry. Would you tell me your full name first?^^;

Oh~ I am Lee jun kee.

What is your personal identification number(PIN)?

You didn't give a pin to me, actually ^^;

No problem. We will give you a PIN soon. Would you tell me the gender of lee jun kee ?

I am a man.

How old are you?

I'm in my twenties.

Tell me the height of you.

I stand 180 cm.

Tell me the weight of you.

70 kg.

Your personal identification number(PIN) is 10070. And when you contact us again, you should remember this number. Considering your physical condition, your Recommended Daily Allowance[RDA] for calorie is 2500Kcal. So we recommend you to order a Large size.

Ok. I order it.

You choose large. Would you choose your menu now? What style do you like?

How much is it?

Large is 7,500 Won. Now, choose your menu.^^

I think you should tell me about the menu.

We have four kinds of menus which are Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western style food. You can choose one of these four and we will plan a diet for you with respect to the choice.

I like chinese food.

You order chinese food. How many month do you order? You should order your meal at least one month. And you can order your meal at most 12 months.

Just for one month.

You can order for one month. The total price for your order - large size for one month - is 225000 Won. What time do you want to receive your meal?

Would you deliver it to me at 9 AM?

You can choose just 5, 6 or 7 AM to deliver because we deliver all meals at the same time.

Then, deliver it to me at 7 AM.

You can get your meal at 7 AM. When do you want me to start delivery?

from tomorrow, is it possible?

We deliver food you order from 6/8/2006 to 7/7/2006 inclusive. Would you tell me where to deliver?

at JongAm 234-234

Thank you for your cooperation. Now check your order again. You ordered breakfast for from 6/8/2006 to 7/6/2006 both inclusive and your menu will be mainly consisted of chinese food. Your address is (address). he will receive his breakfast at 7. Is it right?


You can pay by credit card or via internet.

I want to pay via internet.

You can pay by that way. Our account number is 802-1234789 at HANA BANK. If you want to pay via internet, then you have to pay in 3 days.


Thank you for your cooperation. Now check your order again. You ordered breakfast for from 6/7/2006 to 7/5/2006 both inclusive and your menu will be mainly consisted of food. Your address is at jongam 234 - 234 . he will receive him breakfast at 7. Is it right?


Ok. Then your payment is done now. Have a good day and enjoy your breakfast!!^0^//

1 June 2006

3D Object Modeling

[Computer Graphics]
  • 3D Object File Load
  • 3D Drawing - Orthographic
  • Back-face Culling
    • Off
    • Invisible
    • Dotted line

  • Transformation (Mouse Interaction)

    Left Click + Drag


    Right Click + Drag


    Mouse Wheel

    Zoom in & out

    ‘w’ + Drag

    Viewport Translation

    • Rotation
    • Translation
    • Scaling

  • View VectorTranslation
    • Default

  • View reference Point Translation

C++, Visual C++ 6.0
Microsoft Windows XP