9 January 2008

Let your brothers make their mistakes

H. Said

Parents want to protect their kids.
But they don't realize that kids grow up.
And they have to go out and learn things and make mistakes for themselves.

My parents don't trust me hehe.
But they have no choice, because I need to go make my own mistakes

If you just leave someone alone and give them some time, people are generally smart.
People generally learn from their mistakes. The important thing is to leave them alone and don't point fingers at them or keep reminding them of their mistakes.

It isn’t easy, especially for people who like control. Like parents. :)

Let your brothers make their mistakes
They'll meet bad friends, bad girlfriends and stuff, but they've got to learn hehe

Yeah. I don't think it's fair for parents to run their kids' lives
I know a lot of friends whose parents demand certain things
Like they have to get certain degrees, or go into certain faculties, or have to meet a certain boy or girl.

My parents actually used to be very worried about us too.
I mean all of us, as kids.
Then when they left me alone and just gave up on me, I did fine :)
I think because everything I did, I chose to do it.
So when you decide to do something, you always do a good job.
But when forced to do something, you always resist. Especially as a teenager.