20 January 2010

나의 iPhone 공부 진행 상황

[iPhone Application Programming (CS193P) by Evan Doll and Alan Cannlstraro]
Lecture 1. Introduction
Lecture 2. Objective-C, Foundation Framework
Lecture 3. Custom Classes, Object Lifecycle, Autorelease, Properties
Lecture 4. Building an Application, Model-View-Controller, Nib Files, Controls and Target-Action
2010.01.08. 1st. Study Meeting
[Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language]
Ch.1. Objects, Classes, and Messaging
Ch.2. Defining a Class
[시작하세요! 아이폰3 프로그래밍]
Ch.1. 정글에 온 것을 환영한다.
2010.01.21. 2nd. Study Meeting
[Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language]
Ch.3. Allocating and Initializing Objects
Ch.4. Protocols
2010.01.29. 3rd. Study Meeting
[Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language]
Ch.5. Declared Properties
Ch.6. Categories and Extensions
Ch.10. Selectors
Ch.11. Exception Handling
2010.02.05. 4th. Study Meeting

2010.02.08. 5th. Study Meeting

- Brainstorming for development with Indian curry at Asia Asia =)

* Ing...
[CS193P] Lecture 5. Development, Views, Drawing, Animation
[시작하세요! 아이폰3 프로그래밍] Ch.2. 티키신 달래기
[CS193P-2010] 01_Assignment1B.pdf

<< 결과 >>
* iTunes U
[iPhone Application Programming (CS193P)] Lecture 1. ~ Lecture 4.
* iTunes U - 2010.Winter
[iPhone Application Development (CS193P)] Ch.1, Ch.2
00.Handout-00.pdf: Course Overview
00.Handout-01.pdf: Syllabus

* Apple Reference Library
[iPhone OS Overview]
[Tools for iPhone OS Development]
[Learning Objective-C: A Primer]
[Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language] Ch.1. ~ Ch.6., Ch.10, Ch.11

* 그 외 서적
[시작하세요! 아이폰3 프로그래밍]
Ch.1. 정글에 온 것을 환영한다.
Ch.2. 티키신 달래기

[HeadFirst iPhone Development]


1 January 2010

iPhone Application Programming at Stanford

Stanford > Science and Technology > iPhone Application Programming - Video

iPhone Application Programming (CS193P)

by Evan Doll and Alan Cannlstraro

This 'iTunes U' is very good for beginners to start developing iPhone Applications.

Quality of the video and sound is good as well.

You can find useful links at the list below.


CS193P - Lecture 1

CS193P - Lecture 2


Foundation Framework

CS193P - Lecture 3

Custom Classes

Object Lifecycle




Assignments 2A and 2B due Tuesday 4/14 at 11:59 PM

  • 2A: Continuation of Foundation tool
    • Add custom class
    • Basic memory management
  • 2B: Beginning of first iPhone application
    • Topics to be covered on Monday 4/13
    • Assignment contains extensive walkthrough

CS193P - Lecture 4

Building an Application

Model, View, Controller

Nib Files

Controls and Target-Action

CS193P - Lecture 5





CS193P - Lecture 6


Designing iPhone Applications

Model-View-Controller (Why and How?)

View Controllers

Online resources for auditors and iTunes U viewers



Not affiliated with Stanford or Apple

Don’t forget http://devforums.apple.com

CS193P - Lecture 7

Navigation & Tab Bar Controllers

CS193P - Lecture 8


Scroll Views & Table Views

CS193P - Lecture 9

Data in Your iPhone App

“Property List Programming Guide for Cocoa”

“Archives and Serializations Programming Guide for Cocoa”

“Appropriate Uses for SQLite”

“SQLite in 5 Minutes Or Less”

“Intro to the SQLite C Interface”

More on Parsing XML

Big Nerd Ranch, “Parsing XML in Cocoa”

“JSON Parser/Generator for Objective-C”

“Introducing JSON”

CS193P - Lecture 10


CS193P - Lecture 11

Text Input

Presenting Content Modally

CS193P - Lecture 12

Address Book - Putting People in Your App

CS193P - Lecture 13

Debugging Tips




CS193P - Lecture 14

Touch Events & Multi-Touch

CS193P - Lecture 15

iPhone Device APIs

Location, Accelerometer & Camera

Battery Life & Power Management

CS193P - Lecture 16

Audio APIs

Video Playback

Displaying Web Content


CS193P - Lecture 18

Unit Testing

Fun with Objective-C



Unit Testing Philosophy

  • Complement (rather than replace) other types of tests


Objective-C 2.0 Runtime Reference

Some Great Free* Icons

Building iPhone & Mac OS X Apps