5 May 2007

Northwestern Technology Conference for Undergraduates

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

I've participated in NTCU from 2nd to 4th of May
Its contents were very interesting, food was not bad, and talking with David was great :)
We talk about open source programs, his work at Apple with Steve Jobs, his Seoul visiting, and so on.
And fortunately, I ranked 3rd place at a program competition and won a Future Shop Gift Card ($50.00). Great!! =p
I completely solved 2 problems. For the second problem, I made a Map for country/area codes and phone numbers. At the first trial, I saved a phone number as an Integer. However, the number is bigger than Integer can store. So I had to change the type of Value to String (for phone numbers). It took some time. Although I solved the same number of problems as a winner did, I took more time for changing my code. It is worth though. Because of this experience, I will carefully decide appropriate types of variables for my next programs. =)

  • Keynote
    • The Future is Never What You Thought It Would Be
    • by David Schlesinger: Director of Open Source Technologies at ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc
    • Therefore, you should do what you love to do =)
  • Seminar #1
    • Does my computer really understand me?
    • by Fred Popwich: Professor, SFU Computing Science
  • Seminar #2
    • Software and its Place in the Industry
    • by Dale Lutz: co-CEO of Safe Software
  • Seminar #3
    • Introduction to Software Development for BI World
    • Lawell Kiing: Senior Director, Engineering at Business Objects
  • Seminar #4
    • Starting an Information-based Technology Company
    • by Peter Tingling: Professor, SFU Business and CEO of Octothrope Software
    • “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” - Albert Einstein
  • Seminar #5
    • The Connected Multimedia Experience: Sharing Discoveries
    • Glenn Roy: Engineering Line Manager, Nokia
  • Keynote
    • Trends in We2.0 and Enterprise Architecture
  • Tech Expo
  • Competitions
    • Programming competition (mini-ACM)
  • Think Tank
    • discussion about
      • Personal Information with web2.0
      • Patent


D Nickull said...

Thank you for making this public. It was a great event. I hope you enjoyed the presentation. I had promised to post it but ask that anyone who wants the Apollo *.air file I used to present (not PPT) contact me and I'll hand it over (source code too).

Duane Nickull

Hyun Jung Park said...

Thank you for your valuable presentation. :) I really enjoyed that. Thanks to your keynote, I could understand the difference between Web1.0 and Web2.0.
By the way, Could I get your slides? Although I wrote some notes during that time, your slides are worth to review.
so, let me try Apollo. :)