9 April 2007

Vista slower than XP at start-up, shutdown, gripe users

Au contraire, says Microsoft; Vista should be faster for most [read more...]

Said Jon: "XP is undoubtedly quicker than Vista. I don't think there will be a way around that. You'll never get extra functionality, without some performance cost, assuming the same hardware."

Well, that's right. But what we have to do is trying to give more functionality with same cost, isn't it?
I laughed twice while reading this article
at here.
"I'm currently writing this on my other PC, because nothing has happened on my Vista machine for about 15 minutes."
and here.
Microsoft has positioned Vista's new sleep mode -- a hybrid state that combines Windows XP's separate hibernation and standby modes -- as the default setting, essentially conditioning users to not power-off their PCs. Some have reasoned that the move was made to mask Vista's long boot and shutdown times.
Lol. So, is that reason why the next client version of Windows after Vista (Windows Seven) is upcoming?
Although Vista is cool, it should be better to meet customers' needs.

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