5 April 2007

I’m done.

with Introduction to Software Development Term Project (Winter 2006, term 2)
  • A program in Java that performs file compression and decompression using the LZW compression algorithm

Wow, so beautiful!!

Because TA who gives me marks considers my coding style, I became more focusing on good style of programming. In other words, I'm trying to make more maintainable and readable programs with good coding style.
When my TA deducted my marks just because of no appropriate helper method, no module, or using 'this.' when it is not necessary, I felt bad at that time.
But I really appreciate because I know I can lean from those in the long run. =)
Plus, I became a student who loves to make good programs after taking computer science courses at UBC. And now I know I enjoy solving problems that gives me a sense of achievement.
So, computer science is fun ;) You should try IT.

Coding With Style
It is important to follow the coding conventions that your team sets. That said it can be an enormous pain to break personal coding habits. Coding styles can be widely varied and you may even have the "pleasure" of working on separate projects at once that each have their own coding conventions. [read more...]

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