29 March 2007

Some Tools for Drawing UML Diagrams

You can draw UML Class Diagrams on your computer, Using Microsoft Visio, Poseidon, Dia, Paint, etc.

  • Microsoft Visio
You can start, by choosing
Category: Software
Template: UML Model Diagram (Metric) or UML Model Diagram (US units)

  • Poseidon
You can look at [here] for starting Poseidon.
This link is designed for a Lab of CPSC211 (at UBC)
There are also some captures.

  • Dia
Frankly, It was not handy for me at the first trial.
Anyway, this is for free.
[Download Dia]

I used to draw with Microsoft Visio because it was installed on computers at UBC.

You may not use Paint because it is not made especially for drawing UML Diagrams. But if you can not use anything above, you may use Paint, Microsoft Office Word or anything you feel suitable.

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